Why It’s Time to Switch Your Beauty Blender for Silicone Pads

For a lot of cosmetic novices, putting on foundation can be rocket science, with the need for a bit of experimentation. Thanks to beauty blenders, however, the process stopped being complex. For the pros, it only made life so much easier. But it is about to get better with the silicone pads.

The silicone puffs are made of 100% silicone, making it less absorbent than a beauty blender. This eliminates a particular problem that is causing major frustration on women – soaking up your foundation. Because silicone pads are made to do better than the beauty blender, expect only the best from this new wonder in the world of cosmetics.

Why are women throwing away their beauty blender for the silicone pad?

Little to no absorption

This is the number 1 reason that silicone pads are being snatched up quicker than the proverbial hotcakes. Can you imagine saving as much of your foundation as possible, regardless if it has a thin or thick viscosity? With this baby, your makeup product will last longer than if you were using a beauty blender.

Get good results for less

Silicone pads have a non-porous surface, thus the zero absorbency. This means you only need to use a small amount of foundation to get the same or better results. The products you use not only lasts longer, but you’ll get to recoup your spending as well. Wasted foundation? Not anymore.

Works with all sorts of products

The beauty blender doesn’t work will all types of foundation. It offers you nothing whenever the product is too thick or too thin. This limits your options to those with a viscosity that sits in the middle or at least not too runny. The silicone pad, however, works with just about everything. Sure, you need to experiment how much or how little you need to put on to get the look that you want. But, when you do, everything will be smooth sailing moving forward. Go crazy with your choice of foundation, concealer and the like.

Easy to use and clean   

With the beauty blender, you need to thoroughly soak it up first then thoroughly dry to make it less absorbent. You do none of that with the silicone pads. Simply put on foundation, spread using a circular motion, and then blend by tapping on the surface of your skin. When you’re done, simply clean it with water and mild soap, and voila! Your silicone pad is ready for its next adventure.

No makeup wasted, better results, and easy care and maintenance, the silicone pad proves that it is a worthy replacement for a beauty blender. It’s not going to be a trend either. It will become a permanent part of your cosmetic bag when you get to try it. That’s because you’ll never go back to using a beauty blender. Ever.

A piece of advice – never buy knockoffs. Most of them are made of inferior materials that could be rough on your skin and would do nothing for you. Only trust Karas Silicone Pad in the shape of a teardrop, circle or heart.


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