107 cosmetics started with it’s founder, Okran Chung.  Okran, a pharmacist first and foremost, runs the largest naturally fermented vinegar brewery in Korea,  HANEGA.  She observed with great interest how naturally fermented vinegar can help cure troubled skin and diminish skin aging. Through extensive research, she determined how it could be produced as a cosmetic product. It was through this process of research and development that she combined specially aged vinegar with 20 oriental herbs to optimally produce great amount of essential amino acids. Through this professional artisanship and cutting edge R & D, she successfully produced cosmetic skincare system that helps skin to purify and rejuvenate. 107 (ONEOSEVEN) cosmetics was established.


Amino Acids

Seven essential amino acids included in ONEOSEVEN products are 100% naturally formed which are unparalleled with chemically synthesized amino acid. The absortion ratio is much greater for the naturally formed amino acids and this is the key factor of ONEOSEVEN products. Only naturally formed essential amino acids can be well absorbed into the body while synthesized amino acid has a much lesser chance of being absorbed.

Natural Ingredients

107 features crystal clear skin- care supported by high quality natural ingredients. 107 combines traditional secret formulas with modern innovation to give radiance and firmness to the skin. 107 also enforces hydration, nourishment and revitalization to the skin. 107 believes that the beauty of skin comes from cleansing, using fine water, and applying right treatments. And 107 has the perfect formulas to match these elements. This is the essence of the 107 secret formulas.



Traditionally formulated cleanser – this is how great skin start! 107 cleansing lines are medicated to give maximum moisturizing while cleansing, and supply ultimate nutrients to the skin, so that skin looks and feels smooth, calm and incredibly healthy 107 premium vinegar lines contain over 20 different kinds of traditional oriental medicine ingredients to provide nourishment and to enhance both inner and outer beauty of the skin. Oriental herbs exfoliate the skin to remove excess dirt and clean up clogged up pores to bring natural radiance. 107 Milky lines are enriched with vitamins and collagen so that the skin becomes strongly firm and amazingly bright. Milk helps skin to be healthy and silky smooth. And also, different kinds of scents are added to Milky lines for relaxation and to create a sense of contentment. 107 cleansing lines are gentle and perfectly suitable for everyday use.


107 skin care lines rejuvenate the skin and give a healthy-looking complexion while delaying the signs of aging. 107 skin care products create powerful radiance and smoother skin that you can visibly notice and feel. 107 uses traditional natural ingredients that can nourish with all kinds of nutrients and vitamins directly to the skin. One of the natural ingredients is naturally fermented premium vinegar which detoxifies and regenerates the skin so that it reinforces to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and lines. Only naturally fermented vinegar can promote clear and natural glow to the skin. By using 107 skin care products, the skin is visibly bright and firm while minimize the visible signs of aging and fatigue.


107 offers enchanting stylish and luxurious fragrances for all occasions. 107 uses only fine and rare ingredients to infuse the beautiful scent. Its distinctive fragrance is very sophisticated and gentle which creates soothing ambiance. 107 candles are made with highly refined premium soy wax and finest fragrance oils available. Compare to paraffin wax, soy wax is eco-friendly because it is made from a renewable natural source. Therefore, it does not increase the CO2 level in atmosphere. Plus soy wax candles last generally 30-50 % longer than paraffin wax candles. 107 candles offer luxurious atmosphere by its ultimate delicate fragrances.


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