All-In-One Nail Polish


Introducing a revolutionary new way to put on makeup.

This product is not your ordinary nail polish.   It is a gel nail that is cured with the help of light.  Once the product is exposed to light, the curing reaction (photopolymerzation) will start, causing the product to get stickier and harden.  Polishes last about 10 days until you peel it off.

How to Use

While other gel nail products require base and top gel in addition to coloring gel, Homei Weekly Gel is an all in one nail gel with excellent coloring properties.

  • Avoid sanding your nails. Sanding will likely make the gel coating difficult to peel off.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly to remove oily substances and then apply your favorite gel.
  • Push back your cuticles with a cuticle pusher
  • File nails to your desired shape and length
  • Gently shake bottle and apply a thin coating of gel.  Thick application may results in uneven curing.

No other additional coating gels is required.

See the light!

It takes just 60 seconds for gel to cure.

With Homer’s small battery operated 6W LED light, curing time is about 60 seconds.

With it’s small footprint, you can take care of your nails wherever you need to, wherever you are.

It’s like having a nail salon in your purse.


Use nail stickers and nail stones for unique designs.


When the gel is cured once, place stones of your choice on the gel.  Then apply light to cure the gel.  After curing the gel, apply WG-0 (Clear color) over the gel to fill and smooth the gap between the stones and the gel coating.  Apply light again to the entire surface of your nail to cure it.

Nail Stickers:

Apply gel first and cure it and then apply your choice of stickers.  Then apply WG-0 (Clear color) and cure it.

Personalize with ease.

How to Remove

Ready for a change?  Just peel it off.

Peel off the coating gently from the cuticle side.  If the coating cannot peel off easily place a cotton ball with acetone nail remover on the coating for about 3 minutes and remove the coating with a nail file.

Removing the coating from your nails can be a real inconvenience in nail care.  Not only does it need a special remover and a file, but the process can actually damage your nails.  With Homei Weekly Gel there’s no need for all this bother. You simply peel the coating off.

There’s no worry about damaging your nails.


Easy Removal


High Shine


Prevents Damage


No Cleansing Needed


Avoid Chemicals

Questions and Answers

Why doesn't Weekly Gel require other nailing gels?

Homei Weekly Gel forms a thin membrane on your nail surface and that’s why peeling the coating off is easy.  because it contains substances that stimulate curing, a thin coating can be evenly cured.  Due to it’s special formulation, Homei Weekly Gel incorporated the three functions of base coating, coloring and top coating in one product.

How long will it last?

After applying the gel on your nails, it will last for about 10 days before you peel it off.

May I use HOMEI Peel-Off Gel Nail with HOMEI Weekly Gel?

You should be able to so with no problems.  In this case, after applying HOMEI Peel-Off Gel, cure it using a “Wireless Top Gel RV” or Weekly Gel.

May I use HOMEI Weekly gel together with other gel nails from other manufacturers?

We do not recommend doing so due to compatibility issues.

Can I use a top gel of another manufacturer on top of HOMEI Weekly Gel?

HOMEI Weekly Gel does not require the additional use of any other coating products.

May I use HOMEI Weekly Gel on top of gel nail products of another manufacturer?

We don’t recommend doing so, due to the possibility of compatibility issues.  Doing so could cause insufficient curing or additional gel nailing products to stick too firmly on HOMEI Weekly Gel so that peeling off the top coating will also remove the HOMEI Weekly Gel under it.

May I use stickers and nail stones?

Yes.  See below for how to use them.

Can i use nail polishing products of HOMEI series such as HOMEI Spangle and Diamond nail on HOMEI Weekly Gel?

Yes but note the following conditions:

  • You can use nail polish on HOMEI Weekly Gel AFTER curing it
  • You can also apply WG-0 (Clear Color) on the nail polish after it has dried completely.

My nails went white after peeling HOMEI Weekly Gel off.

The gel removed oily substances on your nails.  In this case, we recommend using cuticle oil to moisturize your nails.

How long is an open bottle good for?

We recommend using a bottle of Weekly Gel within six months after first opening.  To ensure best use, make sure to close the cap firmly after use.  Avoid leaving the bottle for a long time without closing the cap.

How safe is Weekly Gel?

HOMEI has gone through rigorous testing of Weekly Gel and it is considered safe for public use.  That being said, there are some disclaimers:

  • Stop using if you find any abnormalities on your nails during or after use.  If this happens, seek medical attention.
  • When the product comes in contact with skin on your hands, etc., wash it off using soap and water.
  • Store the product in a safe place out of the reach of children.
  • Avoid this product for other than it’s intended use.
  • Store the product in a dark place with the bottle upright.
  • Keep the bottle away form UV or LED lights.
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